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Remote Development
Complete development is Offshore Development Centre service of Supremo. For a monthly cost per developer, our clients get the services required. You will have 100% dedication from your resources, while Your own team is in India
Project Development
You share your idea; we will deliver what you require. You will have no worries in number of resources or their efforts, their salary and work hours/efforts. What you would see is the final outcome well within the deadline.
System Innovation
If you want to modernize your current system built on the old technologies, then you are in the right place. We will get your complete system adapted to latest technologies and design.

Business Security
Analysis is the key to any effective project. We follow systems and procedures to ensure quality. Our resources have expertise in analysing various systems. We perform reverse engineering on the entire process and propose solutions that will help you keep pace with technology and growing needs. We are also into software development if you are satisfied with our services, you can opt to continue the development with us.
Testing is a major advantage if your company does not have specific testing resources and you still want your inhouse developed applications. Main criteria for any company for its products are:
  • ✓ Quality
  • ✓ Being Cost effective
  • ✓ Suitability

To get all the above, it is better to outsource our Testing phase. Outsourcing always results into Quality products with free technical resources & better process. There will not be much risks involved, as Testing team would be sitting remotely in another premises demanding all the clarifications & documentations. Though there are various types of Testing performed, Functional testing & Automation Testing gives the accurate application. Also, nowadays it has become must to perform some more testing like Performance Testing, Load Testing, and Security testing, which cannot be performed by our developers. Hence outsourcing is not only cost-effective, but often the only possible way to control the quality of the software.



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Even if you have an excellent development team who delivers a first-class product, only comprehensive testing can give you the confidence that the product will function properly when it reaches the customer. Even though there are many automated tools in the market, with best features, companies still struggle to achieve the level of quality, as they ignore Manual Testing. Manual Functional Testing activity must follow proper planning and best practices in order to come up with suitable results.



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Functional Testing is the most widely accepted testing practice and is the part of any testing project which makes sure that the required functionality is working properly before the deployment of the application or the system.Functional testing is a way to see if the application’s specification can be executed by users. We make sure to test different commands and executable scripts, data handling, and process integration. We also determine how the program reacts to its host system’s various configurations.



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Automation testing can often be implemented to speed up the process and reduce these costly testing investments. Automation testing is testing without using manual labor or testing that creates automated scripts for previous repetitive, but necessary, testing in a formalized testing process already in place.It also adds additional testing that would be difficult to perform by hand. Our Manual tester, who is expert in automation, enhances quality by reducing manual testing hours and decreasing the number of test cases and test data.

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