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We are keeping a unique motto of building a strong bridge for the gap between the field of Education and Career, which is the milestone in everyone's life. We offer below mentioned programs, designed based on the requirement we received from various sources.


Software Testing is a real demanding profession nowadays as the most of the companies are investing millions of money in Quality. After evaluating the trainings provided by various sources, we found that the quality and the trainings devised for software testing profession is not adequate for a person to become quality test engineer. To overcome that we have designed following program for all those people who want to get into software testing career.

  •   Training include Manual Testing concepts, In-depth training for Automation testing and Test management tools, and software testing certification from International Software Testing Quality Board (ISTQB) after clearing the exams conducted.

  •   This training has been devised based on feedback from our in-house testing professionals with many years of experience and also after proper survey.

  •   We get many CV’s daily for testing jobs who have completed their testing from leading training institutes, however when we interviewed them they lagged in basic concepts of testing, Usage of automation testing tools.
  •   Flexible timings
  •   One on One mentoring
  •   Regular assignment to assess the understanding
  •   Continual mentor support, even after the course completion
  •   Assessment after the course completion and report card for the same to know where you are in the race of learning.

Software Testing

This course starts with an overview of software testing basics, including discussions of the importance of software testing, the different levels of testing and basic testing principles. Testing is a critical phase in the Project development life cycle. The developer to tester ratio is almost 1:1 in every standard organization and this number will higher as per the project implementation complexity level. If you want to be a part of a dynamic and booming industry, then you might want to look at software testing as a career option. Generally software testing is relegated to one phase of the software development life cycle. But there's something to be said for including testing in all phases, because of its advantages.


  •   An advantage of having software testers involved in product planning is testers can view requirements with a skeptical eye and provide feedback.

  •   Testers can challenge requirements by asking good questions. They can identify requirements that might not be testable

Key benefits of software testing, which make it so advantageous and unique, are described below:

  •   Bug-free Software
  •   Focus on Development of Your Software Product
  •   Time-Saving Option
  •   More Effective in Terms of Cost
  •   Job is Done More Quickly

In Software testing, there are 2 types, as displayed below. Let us know your interest out of these programs. We can even customise the programs based on your skills.

Manual testing is the process of manually testing software for defects. It requires a tester to play the role of an end user and use most of all features of the application to ensure correct behavior. The Manual Testing is very basic type of testing which helps to find the bugs in the application under test. It is preliminary testing, must be carried out prior to start automating the test cases and also needs to check the feasibility of automation testing. To ensure completeness of testing, the tester often follows a written test plan that leads them through a set of important test cases. The Test Plan is created & followed by the tester to ensure that the comprehensiveness of testing while executing the test cases manually without using automation testing tool. It is not necessary to have knowledge of any testing tool for manual software testing. As the Software testing fundamental always says that “100% Automation is not possible” so the Manual Testing is very important.

Skeleton to Manual Testing:

  •   Fundamentals of Testing
  •   principles of testing
  •   SoftwareTestingLevels
  •   Static Techniques
  •   Software Testing Types
  •   Testing throughout the testing life cycle
  •   SoftwareDevelopmentLifeCycle
  •   SoftwareDevelopmentModels
  •   Defect or Bug Life Cycle
  •   Risk and Impact Analysis
  •   Software Testing Life Cycle
  •   Test Management
  •   Tools support for Testing


Selenium is a brand new automation tool that provides all sorts of awesome features, including a more cohesive and object oriented API as well as an answer to the limitations of the old implementation. In Astute, Selenium tool is being taught for Java language. Hence, we make sure that along with Selenium, brief knowledge of Java is also provided, before diving into the Selenium.


Java Market for programming is spread across the world, with no limit for the knowledge. We make sure that we make our resources learn the Java to an extent that they don't need developers for any assistance while scripting for any project. (PS: Java would be taught for supporting Selenium projects, but not to develop JAVA based applications).

Here are the ingredients for the Foundation of Selenium:

  •   Overview
  •   Basic syntax and data-types, objects and classes
  •   Operators and Loop controls
  •   Arrays/ Characters/Strings
  •   Java Object Oriented concepts
  •   Collections
  •   Exception handling

Selenium Objectives:

  •   Test Automation for Web Applications
  •   What – When – Why – How - To Automate
  •   Pros and Cons
  •   Selenium History
  •   Why Selenium?
  •   Selenium IDE
  •   Selenium Web Driver
  •   Basic functions
  •   Architecture
  •   Different approach of configurations
  •   Support for different browsers ( Compatibility testing)
  •   External tools support (TestNG, Auto IT....)
  •   Handling different kinds of fields, objects, windows, pop-up, dialog
  •   Capturing screenshots
  •   Selenium Project
  •   Assignments


Are you a working professional?

Are you having any of the below thinking in your mind?

  •   I'm not finding any offers for Manual Testing even after having experience
  •   I’m not getting through any of the interview for manual testing too.
  •   I started my career with start-up company. Can I attend interview for a good company?
  •   I am too late to start career in Automation
  •   Selenium does not look easy & Java is tough to learn and I hate Programming
  •   I don’t know if I should focus in Selenium Automation testing
  •   I cannot progress without Automation in my career

Do you think you are not prepared for your interview?

  •   Don’t worry; We are here to assist you in every stepping stone towards automation.
  •   We will provide Flexible batches, so that you can manage training along with your work.
  •   We will make sure you will have one on one mentoring, so that you won’t hesitate to ask your queries.

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